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This website is called Diwali sale for a reason. We have enlisted all kind of shops where you can find online shopping Diwali offers and sales for this special holiday. But what is Diwali? For most people Diwali is already known as Diwali, Deepavali, Dipavali or festival of lights.

Diwali is one of the biggest and happiest holidays in India, during this holiday millions of Hindus celebrate Diwali with gift exchange, fireworks and lot’s of festive food! Not only is this holiday celebrated by Hindus but also by Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs all over the world. This special day is celebrated on the 15th day of Kartika in the Hindu calender. The celebration can take up to five full days! People tend to buy new clothes before Diwali, thoroughly clean their houses and even try to pay off their old debts. The houses and offices are frequently whitewashed and even decorated with drawn designs made of white rice flour. Buildings are usually illuminated with oil-burning bowls called dipa lights.

People celebrate Diwali with fireworks, prayers, gift exchanges and of course one of the most important things: spending time with family and enjoying a big family feasts. Aside from the religious and spiritual aspect, there has developed a new trend on this special holiday. Which is a big shopping festival. During this shopping festival a lot of shops have a sale and Diwali offers on mobile phone, fashion, gifts, kitchen utensils and even more!
With the upcoming e-commerce trends it has become even easier to shop for Diwali sale or Diwali offer. Big e-commerce chains like Amazon and Flipkart have a very big Diwali sale during this holiday. For people whom live in India it is very known that there is a Amazon Great Indian Sale and a Flipkart Diwali sale. The discounts and sales can go up to 82%! This buying season is so big that the most sold products in a year are probably during this holiday. Don’t wait any longer and take benefit of this holiday by purchasing all the products you had on your list to purchase!

The story of Diwali

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Diwali date

When is Diwali? When is the big Amazon Great Indian Sale and when does Flipkart have a Diwali sale? Or when are there any other online shopping offers on Diwali? Well, simply put: Diwali in 2018 starts on the 6th of November and will continue for 5 days until the 10th of November.
The online shopping sales have been in early October in the past, it is to be expected that the Diwali sale will start in early October 2018 as well.